Server Room Cooling

Sever room

Computers, servers, and other high tech equipment can be very sensitive to high temperatures and humidity. Excessive temperatures can cause systems to overheat, while humidity can cause corrosion and rust. The end result will be an increased risk of system crashes, random reboots, and overall poor performance from your computer equipment. Fortunately, you can protect your valuable equipment by getting high-quality server room cooling in the San Fernando Valley from the pros at Air Conditioning Unlimited.

Server room cooling isn’t just a matter of sticking a new air conditioner in your computer room to reduce overall heat and humidity. Air circulation must also be considered, or else you risk developing hot spots behind server racks or computer equipment. Our expert technicians will assess your space and then provide a detailed plan for server room cooling to meet your unique needs and properly control temperature, humidity, and airflow.

System Purchase Tips

  • Separate from the central ac system
  • Equipped with an automatic restart function
  • Equipped with a condensation tank or hose to remove moisture
  • Able to provide sufficient ventilation
  • Properly sized for the room